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Where modern development and industrialization have made our life easy, at the same time increasing noise pollution and mental stress faced in the modern life have affected the glory of erected penis badly. Today no man is safe from the hazards of environmental pollution which manifest themselves in the form of impotence. Due to this reason almost every man suffers from erectile dysfunction some time in his life to more or less extent. Pfizer pharmaceutical, a highly reputed name in the world of drug industry, is striving to abolish the disease of impotence from the world by introducing a wonder drug called Viagra. Viagra is a drug designed to overcome erection and help achieve potent erection. Increasing incidence of impotence among the adult community has urged Pfizer to increase the production of Viagra. The best thing about Viagra is that it overcomes erection effectively, no matter of how much severity, in men of every age group.

What is the Viagra Jet? | Buy Viagra Jet | Discovery of Viagra Viagra Jet

What is the Viagra Jet?

Viagra Jet helps achieve erection by maintaining high level of cGMP in the blood vessels of penis. Raised cGMP level is necessary for erection as it is the chief dilator of the vessels of penis. When the vessels of penis dilate under the action of cGMP, blood seeps out from these vessels and enters the sinuses of the spongy tissue of penis. As a consequence of filling of the sinuses, penis gets erected. Difficulty in erection takes place when level of cGMP is not as much as required for erection. Viagra helps bring this level to the required amount by preventing its breakdown from an enzyme phosphodiesterase.

Thought the overall world wide use of the drug since 1998 suggests a lot about its safety, possible side effects worth mentioning are dizziness, diarrhea, runny nose, hearing problems, cyanotic vision, stuffy nose, priapism, and flushing. Such side effects of the drug are supposed to go away within a couple of hours but in case they persist, contact your physician right away to prevent permanent loss. Start the drug administration with 25 mg tablets, and gradually reach higher dosage till you reach an effective dosage for your own body. Do not take the drug with erythromycin antibiotic, protease inhibitors, cardiac treatment s that contain nitrates and more than once in 24 hours. Do not take the drug without physician's consultation in case of having currently or in the past any sort of cardiac problems, kidney problems, live disease or stroke. Most of the physicians' worldwide recommends Viagra for ED and impotence treatment which could literally brighten your sexual future in an unthinkably awesome fashion. Not only is it a treatment of the diseases of men's sexuality, but also a luxury drug for adult partners who wish to unleash their sexual pleasure with Vigara.

Viagra Viagra has enabled the patients of impotence to enjoy once again the ecstatic moments of sexual intercourse.

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Discovery of Viagra

When it comes to erectile dysfunction or any other sexually tormenting disease, only one things comes to everyone’s minds, and that is Viagra. To be honest, Viagra has taken the entire universal drug market by storm. Never has been any other medication which has been the prescription drug for an illness for so long which Viagra has been for erectile dysfunction.

Viagra or commonly known as sildenafil, which is the core ingredient of the medication, was the first medication which was approved by the FDA to treat and cure erectile dysfunction and other sexual impotencies. It is often known as the “miracle pill” since, it is one of the earliest phosphodiesterase inhibitors which came to the pharmaceutical market.

Talking about erectile dysfunction, it is one of the most common diseases which is rising among the male population. Be it one’s age or a bad lifestyle, erectile dysfunction is a very chronic disease and if it is not cured within time, then it can take the form of an ugly medical complication.

Contrasting Differences between Viagra and Viagra Jet

The individuals who are suffering from the problem of erectile dysfunction tend to face many other issues, which are both mentally as well as physically tormenting. But, although these situations are very painful and humiliating, yet, one should not overreact or worry as there are numerous treatment procedures which will be able to give the best care to these diseases.

Although the oral medications to treat erectile dysfunction is one of the most preferred option among the masses, yet, it should be kept in mind that these oral drugs have been in the market since the late 90s. There is a whole list of other treatment and procedures which claim to give successful treatment and care to the individuals suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Viagra vs Viagra Jet

Some of the oral medications which are used to treat erectile dysfunction and are currently available in the present market include Viagra, Viagra Jet, Cialis, Levitra and Revatio.

Although various cases have come up which suggest that the erectile dysfunction drugs do not perform up to their expected level, yet, it has been seen that about 70 percent of the cases of erectile dysfunction have achieved a satisfactory result with these oral medications.

Well, in this article, we are going to discuss about the stark differences which exist between two of the biggest competitors of the erectile dysfunction drugs market, the Viagra and the Viagra Jet.

No, let us discuss about the treatment procedure of Viagra Jet to curb the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Basically, Viagra Jet and its key content known as sildenafil tends to work within the initial 10 to 30 minutes after its consumption. And one aspect which makes Viagra Jet a popular erectile dysfunction drug among the younger generation is that the effects of Viagra Jet does not get affected by any kinds of food habits. This means that you will not have to put any kind of extra emphasis on your eating habits to get the optimum impacts of Viagra Jet.

Apart from this, the consumption of Viagra Jet does not need to be scheduled or timed since once you consume a pill of Viagra Jet, it will be active in your body and will keep on giving its effects for a time period of about 2 to 3 days. Hence, once you consume a pill of a Friday, you can easily reap its impacts for the entire weekend.

But, as a saying goes that nothing in the world is perfect, similarly, Viagra Jet, too, has some crucial side effects like head traumas, nausea, skin flushness and itching as well as stomach issues.

Now, let us talk about the treatment regimen followed by Viagra.

To be precise, Viagra too follows a similar pattern of treatment as done by Viagra Jet. But, the most obvious difference among both of these medications is that the core ingredient of Viagra is Sildenafil citrate.

Apart from this, as Viagra Jet does not get affected by the consumers food habits, on the other hand, Viagra depends a lot on the eating habits of the consumer. It is strictly recommended that the user should avoid any kinds of fatty items in his meals, or else Viagra will not be able to show its impacts to its full might.

Regarding the promptness of the treatment, Viagra is much slower than that to Viagra Jet and thus, you will have to schedule your sexual activities to get the best results out of Viagra.

Impotence: A threat to loving relationship

Sexual intercourse forms a strong bond of love between the two loving partners. Loving relation is jeopardized if the male partner gets affected with the evil disease of impotence. Those men are continuously exposed to environmental pollution are mostly affected by this malicious disease. Pfizer, a splendid pharmaceutical company, is helping millions of men around the world suffering from the disease of impotence to overcome erectile dysfunction and get rid of flaccidity of the penis by its marvelous drug Viagra manufactured b y this company in 1998. Viagra is now the doctor's most trustworthy drug for the treatment of impotence. Viagra successfully makes impotence run away from the penis.

How Viagra kills Erection:

When the tissue of the penis gets filled with blood, erection takes place. The blood comes in the tissue from the vessels present in the penis. Normally, the walls of the vessels does no let the blood to escape out of these vessels but a factor called cGMP is synthesized in the blood of the penis under the action of an enzyme guanylyl cyclase. cGMP causes the dilation of the vessels of the penis. When the vessels of the penis are dilated under the effect of cGMP, small pores are formed in the walls of the vessels which provide a way for the blood to escape of these vessels. The entrance of the blood in the erectile tissue of the penis results in erection. Impotence occurs when enough blood is entering in the erectile tissue through the penile vessels, making erection weak. Viagra improves erection by augmenting the level of cGMP. Increased amount of cGMP causes more dilation of the vessels. More dilation results in large amount of blood entering in the erectile tissue, ultimately making strong erection possible.

Viagra Jet plays its erectile role by blocking the enzymes responsible for demolition of cGMP, thus effective level of cGMP is maintained in the penis.

Planning and essential instructions:

The key to using the drug adequately lies in the proper dosage, timing and precaution which one has to take account of while exaggerating your sexual strength. When taken half an hour before sexual stimulation, the drug acts for four continuous hours during which sexual stimulation would result in effective and sustained erection. Do not take the drug twice in 24 hours as it would result in server hypotension. Take the drug with glassful of water. Drug dosages of 25, 50 and 100 mg tablets of blue color diamond shape are available. 25 mg is recommended for starters and could be increased to 50 mg or 100 mg if the previous drug dosage is rendered inadequate. Incase of liver, heart or kidney disease, physician recommendation is to be sought before drug administration.

Keep an eye out for SIDE EFFECTS:

Regarding possible side effects, dizziness, diarrhea, priapism, nasal congestion, bluish vision, loss of hearing and runny nose are expected to go away after a couple of hours, if they don't, immediately stop taking the drug and visit the nearest medical doctor to save your health from any permanent danger.

What percentage of men of 40 to 60 suffer from erectile dysfunction?

The statistics are too horrifying stating that more than 30 million men in the United States of America alone are suffering from one or the other form of erectile dysfunction and collectively, more the 100 million of the world population have faced some types of symptoms related to erectile dysfunction.

Men with Erectile Dysfunction

And the most alarming thing is that most of these 30 million men in the States belong to a common age group, which is from 40 to 60 years of age. According to a recently conducted survey, this particular age group of 40 to 60 years of age is the most vulnerable set of individuals and are most prone to get hit by some or other symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

About Sildenafil

So, now a question might arise that how was the concept of Viagra initiated? Well, it is quite known to everyone that sildenafil is the core ingredient of Viagra. But, what everyone do not know is that sildenafil could cure erectile dysfunction. Thus, the treatment of erectile dysfunction with sildenafil came out as a surprise, or what we can say, as a calculated mistake.

Sildenafil was created by the pharmaceutical firm called Pfizer to cure blood pressures, hypertensions as well as various pains and torments caused due to heart diseases. But, when the drug was tested on various test subjects, it was found by the doctors and researchers that it prompted to an unusual penile erection, without giving any substantial relief to the blood pressures, hypertensions or any other issues which was meant to be cured by it.

That is when, the researchers at Pfizer noticed that although it might fail in its designed objective, yet, it had the potential to rack in billions and billions of dollars by marketing this unmet drug as Viagra and by claiming it as a treatment for erectile dysfunction.

And most importantly, the market helped Viagra to grow as there were no meds in the early 90s which could cureerectile dysfunction.

Can Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Like Viagra Be Addictive?

Anti-impotence drug Viagra Jet has stirred a revolutionary change in the sex life of countless men who were crippled sexually by the disease of impotence.

Things to Know about Health and Viagra

Yoga helps in relaxing the entire body and relieves you from stress and anxiety, which might cause erectile dysfunction or impotence. Moreover, Yoga helps in the purification of the body and also enhances blood circulation, especially in the abdominal or genital area. Yoga helps in rejuvenating the body, mind and spirit and helps in energising the various systems.

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