Life Is But A Battle

Life is full of ups and downs. It is but a school and we are here to learn lessons in life. The family we are born into, the relationships that we happen to get into are all specifically meant to teach us. There is not one single person that we will engage with who does not have some relevance to our life. It is said that friendship is the purest and highest form of relationship which does not have any expectations out of the two people. All other relationships have some or the other expectations from each other. Not many people are blessed to have such good friends in life. In friendship there are no expectations. There is only giving and unconditional love and support. One does not have too many friends in life. They can be social friends and acquaintances but there cannot be more than one or at the most two friends who are close to you. These friends are the ones that know who and what you are. They know your nature, strengths as well as weakness. They extend themselves to support you in your area of weakness and rejoice your success. Such relationships last forever. One may not be in daily touch with one's friend or may be living in two different cities. Even after a gap of a few years, the friendship remains the same and you can connect instinctively and immediately.

Good Life

There are a few people who are lucky to have a friend in one's spouse. Normally couples may not be or need not be friends. One in a hundred couples will be good friends. Such relationships make life a happy journey. Normal marriages amongst two people is full of expectations and adjustments. First few months of marriage is full of romance and the process of getting to know one another makes it rosy. Once the couple settle down into their domestic life, they let their guards down and the real self takes over. This is the second stage of marriage where you get to see the person as he or she is. Before and immediately after the marriage the individuals tend to put their best behavior forward wanting to impress the other person. With normal life they let their guards down and begin to go back to their normal self.

Many marriages fail because of too many expectations from each other. Men find it hard to live up to the expectations of the wife and the family. Man's natural role and duty in the family is to be a provider. In the current times when the job market and financial situation is very dicey, he is bound to be insecure financially. Insecurity drives men into depression and in some cases causes impotence too. Men who are going through severe stress and anxiety or have diabetes and hyper tension are likely to face erectile dysfunction. With their inability to engage in a satisfactory sex life, there is every chance that the relationship can break depending upon how long the couple have been married and if there are expectations on the physical relationship front. Male impotence is something that impacts not only the relationship but also the psyche and self esteem of the person. No man is ready to accept that he is impotent.

If you see all of these things at a macro level you will realize that life is always throwing different challenges to us from different angles. We have got to learn lessons, fight alone and rise above the challenges. There is only one way to go which is "Go Forward".