Relationship between Caffeine and ED

Imagine you are getting up from your bed on a chilly winter morning and someone brings a hot cup of coffee in front of you. Well, it is almost a dream come true and you feel as if you are in heaven after getting the hot cup of coffee on your hand.

Can Coffee Help Erectile Dysfunction?

But there is another aspect for coffee which proves to be the saviour for all of mankind: it is the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Many researchers and studies have shown that caffeine has the potential to cure erectile dysfunction and it has been seen that coffee indeed, helps in keeping all the symptoms of erectile dysfunction away from an individual.

So let us discuss a little bit about erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is a disease which is most primarily seen among the men whose age is between the age group of 35 to 55. Erectile dysfunction is the condition in which a man becomes unable to get a penile erection and if by any means he is able to get an erection, it will become extremely difficult for him to keep hold of that erection for a time duration which is long enough to have pleasurable sex.


Now, if you ask about the treatment of erectile dysfunction, there are tons of treatment procedures which are available now a days. Starting from oral medications like Viagra Jet, there are various surgical procedures which include the fitting of a pump inside the scrotum of your penis, various penile infusions and lots more; but the main objective should be a treatment procedure which has the least side effects.

According to a new research conducted by the University of Houston, apart from waking millions of Americans from sleep, caffeine also helps to wake their sexual life from sleep. According to the research, the men who tend to consume coffee and other caffeine related food items on a regular basis experience a much lesser probability of getting affected by any kind of symptoms of erectile dysfunction. But there is still a catch as men who have diabetes cannot enjoy this pleasure. It has also been reported that if a man has any kind of diabetes, consuming extra amount of caffeine will not help him in reducing his chances of curing erectile dysfunction.

However this is not the same case as other men who have similar lifestyle diseases. The same researchers who have concluded that men with diabetes cannot enjoy this pleasure have also reported that obesity, cholesterol and other types of lifestyle diseases did not produce hinder between the treatment procedure of erectile dysfunction with excess caffeine. It, however, was not a surprise to the doctors since diabetes is considered as one of the most crucial culprits for the emergence of erectile dysfunction among men.

Hence it was concluded after a survey that men who are used to consume approximately 80 to 170 milligrams of caffeine everyday are 50% more likely to not have any kind of symptom of erectile dysfunction compared to their counterparts who consumed an amount of 10 to 40 milligrams of caffeine everyday.

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