Statins Aid the Male Sexual Function

Erectile dysfunction increases a person’s risk to cardiovascular diseases and timely actions taken against it also leads to alleviation of erectile dysfunction. According to one of the data taken from 12 studies pointed out that as and how one suffers from erectile dysfunction, their risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases goes up by 35 – 48 percent. This data was put forth by Li-Qiang Qin and his colleagues in Suzhou, China.The other meta-analysis done, which focused on lifestyle modification as well as the lipid lowering statin treatment found out that with the improvement in the conventional cardiovascular symptoms and factors, the sex life became better. This data was put forth by Bhanu Gupta and his colleagues at Rochester, Minn.

Cardiovascular Disease

As per both the research, a relationship can easily be established between erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular diseases, but whether the relationship is a casual one or not has not been established. And while this goes on, according to Qin and his team, ED is an independent risk factor to the cardiovascular diseases. While according to Gupta and his team, erectile dysfunction is more of a lifestyle disease which would require the same set of treatment as would be required against the other disease known as the cardiovascular disease. But neither study has been able to prove if the drugs like Viagra Jet and others actually brought about some relief in case of cardiovascular diseases.

Qin and his colleagues searched for those studies that looked at the association between ED & cardiovascular risk. And in the two of the studies, the group used as a reference consisted of men with minimal to low ED and in some cases no impotence at all. However, the researchers pointed out thatwhile ED was ascertainment, the enrollment criteria & other aspects varied considerably. The analysis carried out by Gupta and his colleagues used a smaller case and looked at six trials piloted since 2004, with 4 related to lifestyle modification & 2 related to atorvastatin (Lipitor) therapy. For the study a sample of 740 was considered and despite the smaller size of the set, the data clearly pointed at this aspect that cardiovascular risk-oriented intervention relieved ED significantly.And dropping the 2 statin studies while doing the analysis, with a total of 143 people, did not alter the result much. And the interventions in these studies considered a large number of programs, with a few stressing on diet &few emphasizing on physical activity.

The statin studies on their own were hard to interpret. One of them found a significant enhancement in erectile dysfunction scores, whereas the alternate one did not. But, with 12 participants in totality, the impact of the collective analysis was minimal. According to Gupta & his colleagues the findings could immediately be put to practice while stating that phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitor medications such as sildenafil are the pillar in the ED therapy.Adoption of modifications in the lifestyle & CV risk factor minimization will provide increasing benefit notwithstandingthe use of PDE-5 inhibitor.