The Influence Of Ethnicity And Race On Erectile Dysfunction

Based upon research carried recently, it was discovered that erectile dysfunction is an issue that is more common among the white, Hispanic and black population in the United States of America. For the first time in an adequately proportioned, probability sample, the consequences of lifestyle and health variables as regards the odds of suffering from ED were ascertained with a view to having an estimate of the prevalence by making use of ethnicity and race.

It was discovered that men who were white and above the age of 70 coupled with those who had issues with diabetes were proven to be at greater risk of developing ED. In the case of black men, chronic lower urinary tract symptom was shown to be related to erectile dysfunction. A look at Hispanic men showed that men who were over the age of 60 years coupled with those who had issues with moderate lower urinary tract infection symptoms, depression and hypertension had increased chances of suffering from ED. The chances declined with black men who were engaged in regular exercise or were engaged in good relationships with their partners, it is lesser with Hispanic men who had attained high school qualification at least.

Sexual Dysfunction in Men

Age has also been shown to be a very important factor when it comes to ED, it is also proven from studies that diverse lifestyles, as well as health conditions, were major determinant factors in the different ethnic and racial groups. The detailed specific risk factors responsible for sexual dysfunction in minority men has not been investigated before, this also indicates the value of psychosocial factors in ED, in particular, is the case of depression as well as the poor relationship among partners in the case of minority groups. Also, as a result of the prevalence of certain physical risk factors such as diabetes and hypertension in the minority men, these results would certainly inform the medical personnel as to the particular importance of sexual activity in the case of the minority men to the overall well-being and health.

Categories of ED causes

There are basically two broad categories of causatives of ED namely: the physiological and the physical causes. The physical problems are those which are of higher chances to lead to erectile dysfunction especially when it has to do with older men. Certain common diseases such as diabetes, obesity, as well as high blood pressure are the most associated with issues of erectile dysfunction and hence a healthy lifestyle is definitely the most suitable way to preventing falling into the trap of erectile dysfunction.

In the case of the younger men, ED is usually associated with issues such as anxiety, psychological trauma as well as stress that may also be as a result of a bad sexual experience. Drugs such as chewable Viagra Jet have been known to help quite a number of people to overcome their psychological challenges and hence give them the confidence that all is working just fine. However, when it comes to the older men, it is advisable that they consult a doctor.