Yoga For Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence

More and more people are now facing erectile dysfunction or impotence because of the changed life style and environment. However, there is nothing to worry as various medications are today available for treating erection problems.

Yoga Kandasana for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

You can come across erectile dysfunction or impotence drug like Viagra Jet, which are widely prescribed. Apart from these pills, there are also herbal drugs that treat erectile dysfunction or impotence. All these drugs are not safe and come with many side effects and as such the natural way is the best option. Yoga is the best way to be practised for all erection problems.

Yoga helps in relaxing the entire body and relieves you from stress and anxiety, which might cause erectile dysfunction or impotence. Moreover, Yoga helps in the purification of the body and also enhances blood circulation, especially in the abdominal or genital area. Yoga helps in rejuvenating the body, mind and spirit and helps in energising the various systems.

"Khandasana" is the yogasana or yoga posture that mainly treats erectile dysfunction or impotence. Kandasana is known to increase the sexual vigour.

How to do Kandasana? First sit on the floor with legs stretched. The next step is to bend the knees and bringing the heels close to perineum. Then holding the feet with the hands, raise them towards the trunk. Just be in that position for a few seconds and then back to normal position. Apart from Kandasana, other yoga postures and breathing exercises also enhance sexual desire.